This Dream Called “My Life”

This morning, I suddenly saw more clearly than ever that this experience I call “my life” is truly a dream. (“Welcome to Lynne’s dream!” ) When you come into my home… for instance, you enter the dream of what I have previously believed “Lynne’s home” could look like. In other words, I dreamed this place into concrete reality. What you see, in visible form, is

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Right Under Your Nose!

This image came during my morning practice… Sort of out of nowhere, I heard the phrase, “What you’re looking for is right under your nose” … and immediately saw it. It’s true… the Answers I spent years looking for “out there” are located squarely under my very own nose. It’s true for all of us. Think about it…. What is literally under your nose? YOU

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Why Indulge in Misery?

Personally speaking, I find that my emotional state is absolutely up to me. I have yet to find a reason that I’ve been able to justify that warrants my indulging in low frequency energy. I’m not saying I don’t engage in story … I certainly do – all the time… It’s just that I don’t stay there long. As a matter of fact, I often

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The Body Connection

The only thing I have to share with others (the only thing any one of us can share) is my own experience of Reality. This is all anyone, no matter how free they may be, can do. We can only teach about the nature of Reality as we experience Its flowing through us. Of course that will be affected by our own lens. Our internal

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Invocation for the New Year

“Let Reality govern my every thought … And Truth be the master of my Life.” This is the invocation I use to close most of my group sessions … It seemed appropriate that they also be used to bring closure to the old year and initiate the new year of 2008. The words contain a powerful invitation to live in reality, yes … but there

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