What is Unconditional Love?

Here’s what I’ve noticed … We humans don’t know how to give this thing that many of us think we MUST have … this thing we call unconditional love. If we think of a way a loyal dog loves his master …. no matter how his master speaks to him or how long he leaves him behind, the good dog waits patiently and then is

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Simply To Believe

All that is required for personal freedom is belief. We must be willing to believe that this Source that we call God is the animating Life Force within us. Then we must take the risk to trust It. We entrust ourselves, inch by inch … as the old, stubborn beliefs and defenses are chipped away through a process of consciousness … into the hands of

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Conduits for Source

We are vessels and conduits …. Remembering that allows us to remain free. Why? Because to know that allows us not to feel burdened down by inner demands saying we need to become “a somebody” in order to matter … No … I understand and relish that I am a nobody … … merely a container for Something Awesome … that is what I am

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Fear of Losing God ….

Someone shared the fear that they were losing their belief in God through this process …. Can that happen?, she asked. I responded … Isn’t “losing God” a story, too? God cannot be lost … He is Everywhere. He is the One Substance from which we are made … but it is not accurate to say that we are God. It might be more true

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Essence In A Bucket ….

I asked this morning, “What is this Presence that fills me and what shall I call It?” The image appeared of me represented as a shiny metal bucket being filled from an Infinite Source. Like the potter who throws pots for various purposes … this one designed to hold milk – that one flowers… we too are each individually shaped for unique use. Irregardless of

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