When Others Are Affected by Our Moods ….

So, ok … folks:) let’s talk about this relationship idea that says, “My partner SHOULD be supportive and understanding when I’m in a down place ….”. As one client said; “It’s one thing to take care of our own moods, but then there’s being in a relationship with someone who is affected by our moods and “throws it back at us”. If I’m in a

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When the Emotions Rule

It’s our emotional body that dictates our future (sometimes immediately). What I believe today will shape the things I experience tomorrow. If I believe that I I have to eek out a living doing a job I hate just to survive … I think thoughts akin to “I don’t matter to anyone” and “Life is hard and unpleasant” … then this is what my tomorrow

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Having Our Feelings …

I once believed that to be healthy I needed to feel my feelings which (for me) meant spiraling into grief, anger and fear for “appropriate” lengths of time in order to let go ofthese old emotions from childhood. However, once I recognized that it’s the stories I run that generate these unhappy feelings, it no longer made sense to me to indulge them. Here’s what

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Ego Reaction

In order to even begin to comprehend the Mysterious Workings of the Universe, we must trust (not hope, but really believe) that the Universe is benevolent; that “God is love”. This means that, from the higher perspective, there are no real “mistakes”. Relatively speaking, of course, things appear to happen randomly, without reason or “accidently”. But if we choose to believe in a Loving Source,

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