The Reality Formula® Is Both The Explanation and The Antidote for Victim Consciousness

What is the Real­ity Formula®? The Real­ity For­mula® is both the under­stand­ing of how vic­tim con­scious­ness works, AND the anti­dote for it. We think a thought. We believe it. We feel (the feel­ings that go with ) it. We act (as if) it (is true). We (act in ways that invite oth­ers to help us) prove it. Said sim­ply, (one more time for the sake of

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Neuroscience Verifies The Reality Formula™ …

 My life work has been to seek ways to liberate the mind and body from victim consciousness. I turned to my childhood study of ancient writings and books about ancient doctrines and noticed a common thread ran throughout these doctrines, whether they be philosophy, theology – with the Bible being the chief authority – and even in the beliefs of indigenous cultures, native american, or

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