Don’t Wait to Live!

Our words underscore a need to examine what we believe about what life is and is supposed to be. Imagine, for instance, how it feels to believe thoughts like, “Getting old is hard and painful …” or “There is nothing to look forward to …” or, “I failed to[I]find[/I] that thing that is supposed to make my life worth living ….”. How do you think

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New Years Day Ritual

Join with me a minute. Let’s take this moment to look back over the past year – to review and learn about what choices were made and what sort of harvest they brought. Not to look with a critical eye – not with judgment or condemnation. Approach your review with a gratitude that comes from knowing that Reality is always benevolent. Whatever our life experiences

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Visualizing the Future

Visualizing future in a way that “ups” our frequency is appropriate use of projection. Do that, rather than aligning with a story of inner gloom and doom and building a dire “Oh no … what if” scenario in the mind. When we look into the future from a place of alignment, it makes it possible for us to see where the story we are currently

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