Negative Reaction Distracts & Prolongs Difficulty

Remember that stressful reaction only distracts us from the awakening message sent through the stressful circumstances we encounter …. When we react negatively or defensively we aggravate and prolong painful situations and interaction. Instead, we can learn to observe the stories that get triggered by the external events in our lives and question them. We can learn to trust that there are no mistakes –

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Appreciating Simple Abundance

Our enjoyment of Baby Kai continues and intensifies as the days go by … mama and baby, each increasing in strength as they rest and eat well. I go to Daniel’s garden every morning and harvest that mornings “whole food smoothie” – a drink made from the greens, brocolli, corn and berries I gather there. All of this produce, along with apple and peach, goes

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Welcome Baby Kai – the family grows ….

Baby Kai (my third grandson) arrived, perfect and whole, in his radiant new self, last Friday. There were no surprises … he kept his birth “appointment” right on time. (Delivery by c-section had been foretold.) And he is beautiful and mellow too. We are delighted. I write these words from our home, where we’ve retreated; Daniel and I along with the new parents, baby. big

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Heartbreak Serves ….

It might bring a wee bit of comfort to remember … that when our heart feels like it’s breaking … it simply means that we are experiencing a heart opening. It’s not a “bad” thing … albeit a painful one. I’ve often said that heart break gets a bad rap in our world. It’s seen as something that is not supposed to happen, perhaps …

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Outer reflecting the Inner. …

Here’s another example of how outer reflects the inner…. Parking for the Convention Center is in a several storied garage … when I returned to the seminar I was attending after lunch on Saturday, I ended up parking on the very rooftop of the garage since it was so full. But it wasn’t until that evening after the seminar ended that I discovered the real

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