Essence In A Bucket ….

I asked this morning, “What is this Presence that fills me and what shall I call It?” The image appeared of me represented as a shiny metal bucket being filled from an Infinite Source. Like the potter who throws pots for various purposes … this one designed to hold milk – that one flowers… we too are each individually shaped for unique use. Irregardless of

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Intention and Surrender Through Yoga

In my daily practice, I’ve been exploring the balance between alignment and surrender … or using the vocabulary of yoga – between tadasana (mountain pose) and shivaysana (corpse pose). In my opinion, these two asanas are the two most important postures of all! Tadasana is generally the first asana taught in beginners yoga. It is standing, feet parallel and hip distance apart, with knees and

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Newtonian vs Quantum Physics ….

When we buy into a Newtonian view of the Universe which perceives with an exterior focused vision; a form of seeing that says only that which we can see, touch and feel is “real” – it limits our ability to see the whole, or bigger picture. We fail to understand the world as being the flowing Source of Energy that it really is. The world

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Clearing Core Beliefs Energetically

This morning while doing Qigong, I was paying attention to the felt-sense differences in energy as I moved my hands over (Without physically touching) various areas of my mid-body. I noticed that there was a definite difference between the energy on my right versus the energy on my left side of the body. The right felt thick and sort of heavy – sticky … I

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The Nature of Ego

Ego moves in and out … it is affected by every “current” of energy that moves by … Ego is totally fixated on the external world. As a result it is blown about by every whim and worry … which explains why it’s energy is one of frenzy and chaos. It has no internal “set” point – no governing Intention on which to direct its

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