Intention/Will – The Masculine Aspect

The ego is the unrefined masculine principle – the intellect run amok. In refined form it becomes the “Holder for The Will of the Father”. It expresses as Pure Intention aligned with Source (“Thy Will be done”). But the Law of Intention teaches that Intention is a natural function of the masculine aspect. It is the act of placing, or focusing, attention. Before we bring

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True Purpose of Ego

Ego does have a higher purpose. Once refined and aligned with Source, it becomes that which directs the intention of the One Will. Without refinement, the ego runs us and attempts to control our world by self-will. Our wants and lower frequency desires keep us scattered and unfocused. Our attention is on the external world and so is constantly shifting from one thing to another.

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The Nature of Ego

Ego moves in and out … it is affected by every “current” of energy that moves by … Ego is totally fixated on the external world. As a result it is blown about by every whim and worry … which explains why it’s energy is one of frenzy and chaos. It has no internal “set” point – no governing Intention on which to direct its

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Dealing With Ego Generated Pain

It is only our ego that devises low frequency stories. Ego comes from our early wounding and is therefore of low frequency. Source is the highest frequency possible … how can it produce low frequency? It cannot produce low frequency results … any more than cats can give birth to puppies or vice-versa. High frequency can only generate high frequency and low frequency can only

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No Such Thing As “Fair”

Often as children when things aren’t “going our way”, we cried out in distress, “It’s not fair!” Many parents fall for this and get caught up in the attempt to make life fair for their children. I’ve come to see that guaranteeing fairness is not only a futile effort, it’s not even reality. There is no such thing as “fair” in the natural world. Think

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