Our Behavior Is Not An Accurate Determiner of Who We Are.

This story we’re living out – this identity we mistakenly call “me” – doesn’t determine the true nature of who we are, nor determine “what we’re really like” …. This self consists of an accumulation of beliefs about ourselves – not who we really are “beneath the facade “ … these are just stories that tell us what we believe. When we remember that how

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Holding a Pattern of Thought

There’s been a pattern put in place by a thought. It is held in place by that thought stream of energy. (I am fat … sick ….etc) and there is an incessant “voice” that speaks constantly to us to cooperate … (You are fat … sick, etc) in the proving of it. And so we do.

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How to protect ourselves in an “unsafe” world ….

When you expect trouble you will find it – that’s the way of it. When my children were small and we were in financial straits, I lived, for a couple of years, in what might be considered the “ghetto” of my city. Most of the time I didn’t even think to lock my doors – we never had a break in or any incidents (other

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Losing Old Beliefs About God ….

What we may lose through this process are our old beliefs about what and who God is? Unlike other losses that leave a legacy of desolation, this is a shedding that brings a rich emptiness by making possible an inner space for a deeper intimacy with God. We let go of old limiting notions about God and replace them with the intimate KNOWING that comes

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Self Forgiveness

Yes … It is our strong negative reactions towards others that gives us a “visceral view” of our feelings towards ourselves. Our reactions show us where forgiveness is needed. Forgiveness of the other… yes, but that will come automatically as we focus our attention on forgiving ourselves. Forgiving ourselves for what? Perhaps we have not forgiven ourselves for choices made back when we were inexperienced

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