Learning to fly …..

photo credit: fauxto_digit “A clear mind … is like a bird flying above us, who in its own mind does not know how to fly …. and yet still does.” -Byron Katie When our mind is not bogged down with the stressful, self limiting stories we habitually believe then we are free to become that which we cannot otherwise fathom as possible. We become what

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What we see is what we believe ….

The Universe is always mirroring to us our current beliefs … For instance, if I think I don’t have enough time, then – of course, I will end up getting stuck in traffic or being caught at every red light or waiting in endless lines, (etc.) thus validating what it is I believe. This applies regardless of what our beliefs are. Our current situation is

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Life Challenges Made to Fit ….

Our life challenges have been tailor made just for us! They are especially designed to mirror & challenge the concepts we’ve carried that have blocked us from a fuller life expression. They push and pull us into an expanded awakening. In other words, they are meant to serve – and they do, in ways that nothing else can. Blessings, Lynne

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Focusing on Abundance …

I am at peace when I am accepting of where I am in life, and the bounty provided for me every day. It seems that when I’m at home on the mountain, the gardens and nature allow me to more readily soften into an attitude of gratitude and acceptance, rather than to be driven by the ego driving agendas of my city life. I am

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