Santiago de Compostela

We arrived at the Cathedral Santiago de Compostela around 3 pm this afternoon.  As is the way so often in life, the end result was anticlimactic.  I am reminded that it is the journey that counts, never the completion of destination.

We left the hotel in Rua early and  pushed to walk the last 20 kilometers (12 miles) to Santiago so that we would be able to spend the day in Santiago – see the sights etc.  So by the time we arrived my legs and feet were hot and tired.  It took us another two hours of walking before we arrived at the heart of Santiago after crossing the line into the city.  Even still, turning the corner and seeing the cathedral was breathtaking!  It is so grandé that it opens on three sides into large squares.  We arrived in time to hear mass said at the tomb-side of Saint Iiago.  Truly beautiful.  I am a lover of ritual and felt blessed to have arrived in time to hear it. 

I have noticed that each day seems to carry a sort of theme.  Quite appropriately, todays theme was “gateways” or “birth”.  I found myself drawn to photographing gates and openings … and then, on the camino we passed a young woman who was throwing up. Her husband (we assume that's who he was) stood by helpless, with a look of affectionate concern on his face.  Both Andrew and I had the same thought – shes suffering with morning sickness.  We played with the story that this young couple had been walking for the past 6 weeks and had conceived on the camino. 

Who knows, but for story sake, let's pretend it's true, shall we?  I love the symbolism of it!  For I feel I, too have conceived something new here.  New life is stirring within.  A quickening of life force gathers to birth its way into reality.  And, like this young couple, I do not yet know how it will look or what impact it will have in my life.  I trust the process that brought me here.  Every step has been guarded and blessed.  I have the image of unseen forces orchestrating this whole beautiful experience just to celebrate life – not because I am someone special but simply because there is realization of being That I AM.  Because I know my origin abundance can flow through without obstruction.  Without attachment to story there is nothing but prosperity and blessing; peace and freedom.   

Upon entering the city, I found myself following two pilgrims with their horse and mule- I love horse flesh of any kind and so was spell bound watching them move along.  A few minutes later, we passed two girls cantering horseback across a field on their beautiful Spanish Andalusians. one black, the other white.  I was struck with the symbolism here as well.  Horses represent libido to me – and freedom.   Dark and light, side by side, moving freely along on the path to freedom.

May your heart be light … may your heaviness be transformed into lightness and bring you peace.

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