The Code Of A Spiritual Warrior(ess) …

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We stand gently firm, relentlessly kind, yet immovable in Truth … We do not quake or defend our right to stand where we do, and we do not insist that others must stand on our same bottom line – they must find their own. Their journey is not ours to save, destroy, nor shape. It is our own journey that we are here to take. We have chosen to be guided by spiritual principles, rather than by fate.
We are lovers of Truth who know we are on Earth, and on the personal Path we are on, to learn to align with and serve our Original Source. We have died to self-will and live only in the Will of Source – and we allow nothing to stand in the Way of this Life Purpose.

We trust Source implicitly – and do not detest nor resist the cause that brings us to Death. We do not need to turn into the Destroyer that attacks in our effort to overcome it. We stand instead upon the principles in which we believe. We do not waver.

We do not hasten nor do we grieve our return to Our Creator Source. We live fully alive to this moment, ready to die in the next, if our time is called. Our goal is to die with grace through surrender, rather than to stay “alive” at any cost. We walk therefore without fear.

Being eternal beings we do not fear transition and therefore do not need to protect ourselves from it at all; we are already protected by a Source that nothing, human or otherwise, can defeat.

Faith is our choice, rather than fear.

We know where we stand. We are unshakably rooted in the spiritual principles of Reality that we practice everyday.

This, then is the code of a spiritual warrior. Through it the Way to peace becomes clear.

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