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Unwinding Core Beliefs; Body Mind & Spirit

June 4 @ 4:00 pm - June 8 @ 3:00 pm



Due to the recent threat of the Coronavirus, and the suggested action of social distancing, we are now working on an online version of this workshop, which will allow participants to attend this event online!

This will change the fees and may also change the date.. so check back here for updates as they become available. Thank you!



During five days of restoration, experiential healing, and rejuvenation, we will apply the Reality Formula® and its Guiding Principles of Reality to begin to unwind the unhappy story and negative core beliefs we have carried for a lifetime. Using a whole body approach we will offer you tools designed to help clear the painful story that dates back to childhood. You will have the opportunity to release your own self-limiting beliefs held in your physical, mental, and emotional body. We will offer tools for self-awareness that will help you live your daily life grounded in your highest sense of well being.

You will learn to recognize(and then intervene) on the painful emotional and physical patterns that you wear, and experience a daily process of relaxing the defensive body armor, that causes discomfort, and affects your posture, poise, and physical well- being.

We will incorporate metaphysical laws in order to transform the way we see the world for the better. These Guiding Principles of Reality offer a firm foundation of understanding for how the mind works, provide a positive lens through which to see the world, and allow you to move more freely, with greater ease and confidence. You will begin to realize that you can choose to follow satisfaction, rather than logic and resistance, to create more joy in your life experience.

This work is simple, powerfully effective, and truly applicable to all of life situations. Learning practical application of these principles sets us free to experience our best life. We learn to stop personalizing and resisting the unhappy story that others carry about us, and move towards maintaining an inner equilibrium. Through the practice of observing, we learn to turn every challenging situation into a life lesson with a positive offering. Even our blaming, projections, and judgments, that stimulate our need to control, become mind expanding opportunities. The Universe wastes nothing – most especially our harrowing moments in life! There is nothing that has happened to us that cannot be fertilizer for the soul.

If you are ready to forgive the downs, crimes, and unacceptable aspects of yourself and your life, through this process you will learn to do exactly that. This is effective, and deeply sacred work. Come start the journey towards setting yourself free to live the life of your own heart-centered path!

Cost: $2600 per person/$5000 per Couple

Price includes daily meals and lodging.



June 4 @ 4:00 pm
June 8 @ 3:00 pm


Crystal Bay Spiritual Retreat
7401 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL 33710 United States
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(727) 914-7676


Joy Jaquetta
(423) 475-0173