Transforming Our Gristle to Gold

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Creative Commons License photo credit: B Rosen I have come to realize that it is during such “bootcamp” moments as those I experienced in dealing with the low-frequency fall-out related to a recent nightmare I'd awakened from, that the real work of transformation is done.

It is not the “resting” moments of tranquility and peace that transform us; such moments are merely the RESULTS of the intense inner work we do. Nirvana-like moments occur naturally many times as a fringe benefit, or natural result, of the process of transforming our inner gristle and resistance to something better; transcendental times are often simply the rest and relief that often follows on the heels of the work of cultivating the dark, fertile inner fields of unconsciousness.

I’ve come to see that visits into the dark, unpleasant, scary, places in our psyche are many times essential if we are to clear away the density of false beliefs so that the light of consciousness can shine through.

In metaphysics there is an ancient principle that says, “light eats all darkness,”; Bringing the light of Truth and Reality in to all that is dense, unenlightened, or base, within us allows the process of light eating darkness to work.

Another way of saying it is this: it is in the struggle to become more conscious that real progress is made.  Creative Commons License photo credit: one.juniper

Filtered Sunlight

When we are triggered into negativity or reactivity, and are experiencing the darkness of mental angst: when we are conscious that we are steeping in victim consciousness, and yet detached enough not to judge ourselves for being steeped in it, then we can actively choose to apply the principles of light to our inner gristle – and voila! We get to witness miracles occurring within us! It's when we actively apply the principles of Truth, Reality, and Peace to our life process, even while we are in the throes of our unhappy story, that real enlightenment takes place!

May these words bring you comfort, and assurance that you are indeed evolving, even during such stormy times.

Blessings, Lynne


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