Why do I write?

photo credit: gideon_wright In this mornings practice I was asking myself the question, “Why do I blog about my process so openly? What are my underlying intentions? How much of it is ego-driven? I let those questions roll around in my mind as I breathed and stretched on my yoga mat. In my practice, rather than trying to silence the mind, I attempt to follow

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Burdened by Story

photo credit: greg westfall. Like snow lying heavy on the backs of the grass in the field, causing it to bow to the ground in seeming defeat, our own stories lie heavy upon us. Just as the sun melts away the snow leaving the grass once again standing tall in the light of day, we too are purified, our stories dissolved by the light of

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Handling Confrontation With Grace

photo credit: AnyaLogic Here are some suggestions for dealing with someone who is angry or resistant, especially if they are reacting in a seemingly unreasonable or irrational way: 1. Rather than react defensively, find the grain of truth in their argument and acknowledge it. More than likely there will be something true in what they say, even if the majority of what they say does

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My Self, Revealed

photo credit: ePi.Longo This morning, while doing a qigong breathing exercise during my morning practice, I suddenly visualized a blinding beacon of light penetrating me deeply through my closed eyes. It lit up my mind – my whole self felt on fire with light. My first immediate thought was, “No wonder I’ve been so judgmental of myself lately! With all this supernatural light my every

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Getting Old: It’s Inevitable, or Is It?

photo credit: Laris.Sa* I have a hypothesis about “getting old.” I think this phenomenon of aging which most of us believe is normal and inevitable may, in fact, not be inevitable at all! As we get older we look around at the majority of our friends and family and witness them, like us, going through dramatic (and unpleasant) body changes. We put on pounds and

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