Suffering is Optional, Pain is Not

photo credit: Kim Marius Flakstad I am not in denial of the hardships of life. I know that life happens the way it does! After all, every thought that has ever been thought is “made flesh” on our planet, including murder, rape, disease, all of it. I am not blind to these things. But I understand that our suffering is generated in the mind FIRST.

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Not The World, But Our Thoughts Cause Our Suffering

photo credit: Just Add Light I understand the dilemma created when we believe in an unkind and unjust world. I too once saw the world through a similar lens and experienced the repercussions of believing such scary thoughts. There IS a shift in perception that is necessary and does happen (gradually for some, more quickly for others) as we seriously commit to the work of

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What are lineage stories?

by dawniecakes These reductive stories that we carry and blindly believe often come down to us through our families. They are what I call “lineage stories.” A lineage story is a limiting idea about ourselves or the world that has been passed down from generation to generation. Our parents blindly accepted them as did their parents before them. It could be said that we absorb

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Learning to doubt our limiting story ….

by Austin Tolin Most (if not all) of us carry a painful and life limiting story about who we are. We may swing to the other extreme of grandiosity or false bravado or present a facade of extreme self confidence as a way to cover or compensate for these stories but underneath we often secretly feel like a phony. Sometimes we even convince ourselves that

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We are all story makers …..

by cathy cullis We are all “story makers.” What I mean by that is that we constantly create stories in our mind about the people and places and experiences we encounter. This is simply the human way of it – and not something that we need to judge or “fix.” Even as you read my words you may notice a “story” developing in your mind

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