There’s No Way I’m Voting For That Political Candidate!

Just because you find that you are in a total state of negative reaction towards a candidate does not mean that what you see about them might not be true. A projection can turn out to be true. Maybe what you tell yourself about that political candidate happens to be true. But here’s the thing … you would not be having such a negative reaction

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Navigating Political Waters

by Articulate Matter Recently, some of my group members, inflamed by Sarah Palin’s nomination as Vice-Presidential running mate for John McCain, asked me how I manage to stay calm and centered during heated political times such as these. I’ve included here some of the thoughts I shared with them, with the hope that you may find them helpful in navigating the political waters through the

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Politics Seen through Victim Mentality

”But what’s happening out there is causing my feelings”, you may insist. “How can I be a caring and responsible American citizen and not get politically reactive? Isn’t that what being politically savvy and involved in the welfare of our nation is all about?” The truth is that it’s thoughts like these that indicate just how taken over by victim mind you really are! What

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Can’t Stand the Other Political Candidate?

by bobster1985 You know the feeling of total revulsion that boils up inside you whenever you see the rival of your favored presidential candidate on TV? … Notice how you can barely stand the sound of their voice – finding it so grating that you can barely even hear what they’re saying? Everything in you screams “No” to that candidate. You’ve got it so bad

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