What do you mean, they can’t make me feel bad?!

photo credit: Prairiekittin What does it mean to say we are in charge of our own feelings? Can’t others make us feel bad? I mean who wouldn’t feel hurt if someone walks up and punches them in the nose! Of course, the other person “made” them hurt! It’s obvious, right! Yes, there are obvious physical repercussions if someone pops you in the face and bloodies

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 photo credit: stevensimbox I had an encounter with Source recently that literally brought me to my knees. I arrived home late after a long day of work with much on my mind. I was eager to get home to where I could sit down and sort through my thoughts with my husband, Daniel. Apparently, however the Universe had other plans for me that evening because

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Obedience or Compliance?

photo credit: centralasian I read somewhere recently (Oswald Chambers, maybe?) that it’s time to take the concept of obedience out of the mire and reclaim it as a worthy act …. I’ve been thinking about that idea off and on since. Been asking myself, what does it mean to act obediently? Here are my thoughts: There is a pronounced difference between compliance and obedience; most

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We Teach Others How To Treat Us

photo credit: ????? ??????? For years I’ve said to clients, “we teach people how to treat us.” Let me explain what I mean by those words: Let’s say that someone believes that they are unimportant. How would that person interact with others in their life? If we observed closely we might watch that person put the needs of others first, often ignoring their own to

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A Cup of Coffee Away From Victim Consciousness

photo credit: philcampbell I had a wonderful opportunity to transform victim consciousness this past week that I want to share. It’s a good example of what it looks like to move out of victim and into observer consciousness. Daniel and I got up early to go on the mountain outing we had planned for our day. We discussed breakfast, at first opting for a quick

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