A Different Kind of Christmas Ritual

photo credit: BLW Photography In recent months, through the death of my mother and the imminent death of another family member, my blessings, for health, life, for loved ones who matter, are more evident than ever. My priorities have shifted. I find myself uninterested in the usual, mad rush to shop, that I, like most, generally engage in at this time of year. Instead, I

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Death and Birth, Inseparable

Watching my son move through his partners last days in a struggle with terminal illness, fills my heart with love and deep appreciation. Andrew is indeed an amazing man! Although he is stretched thin with his care-giving and financial responsibilities, he handles it all with grace and courage, and without complaint. He exude s a beautiful maturity in his ability to accept and handle the

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They Make My Life miserable

I received this email request for counsel from J, a subscriber, and decided to share our back and forth exchange (with slight editing for purposes of confidentiality) because it is SO relevant to those of us who tend to believe that others keep us from being happy. Hope it brings light and empowerment your way. Blessings, Lynne photo credit: evantroborg3000 Lynne, Thanks for all your

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Putting Daily Practice to the Test

We had a nine day summer dance camp in our home here on the mountain last week (which explains why I haven’t blogged in so long). There were 15 kids (ages 10 -19) and four grown ups who stayed with us in our sprawling rancher for the duration. My job was to prepare the meals and “manage the house” to support the dancers in their

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The Christmas “Nutcracker” Ballet

I was in Florida last weekend to see my son, Andrew and his Guilfoil Ballet Theater Academy of Dance perform Nutcracker for the Winter Wonderland in downtown Clearwater. Winter Wonderland is an annual outdoor & free event that provides a wonderful opportunity for families, no matter how poor, to celebrate the holidays. There were all sorts of free events including a petting zoo and a

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