Everything our children need to know can be learned at the dinner table …

  By Lynne Forrest We discount a natural, powerful, highly effective tool for teaching our kids essential skills for life, when we fail to use food and the ritual of family mealtime to support life lessons. We have this powerful motivator called food readily available to us for teaching purposes, if we but knew to take advantage of it! After all, every human being must

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Grandparents as Mentors & Guides – A Forgotten Resource?

Before you read further: This letter, though a personal one written to my grandson, may also be relevant to you, or your family. I share it here for two reasons, one, I post this letter here as a way to invite my grandson without applying any well-intentioned pressure on him to go along just because he thinks he should, Since he does not know the

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Teaching Kids To Choose Happiness

My daughter and my three grandchildren were visiting recently and I suggested that we take the dogs and walk over to see the new cabin our neighbor was building just up the road. Everyone was enthusiastic about going except for my youngest grandson who just turned four. He was immediately resistant. It was too hot, he said. His head hurt, and he needed his mama to

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Lessons in Reality For Kids …

Often when our key team players and family members come together, we bring our youngsters (children and grandchildren). It’s great fun for all, even those inevitable times when there’s some kind of fall-out between kids, for then it becomes a learning opportunity for all. During such fall-out, we use the real life situation to teach the children (and ourselves) more about applying the guiding principles to

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The Things We Teach Our Children …

The video of the disgruntled dad who taught his ungrateful daughter a lesson with his Colt 45 and her laptop on Facebook was brought to my attention recently. I was asked my opinion. I thought about it several times before I responded, and at one point, was tempted not to respond at all. The comments I read were steeped in support for the father’s reaction, and

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