The Reality Formula™ at Forest Haven

  Imagine living with our family for a weekend …   Can you see yourself sitting with us over garden-fresh meals, or sharing a walk in the garden with me?  Can you see yourself sitting in the midst of a small, intimate group of like-minded friends, together absorbing the Guiding Principles of Reality© as  you witness them being practiced in action?  What value would you place on such an

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A Moment of Gratitude …

From where I sit, there’s nature hatching all around, At this moment, writing you, dear friend, my heart is filled and unbound at the sight of: tadpoles swimming in the water-garden nigh, Mama Nuthatch with her brood nesting in the flowers close by. And memories linger as I recall yesterdays mingle with a baby bunny who rested upon my thigh for a moment, before, with

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Alignment, Surrender, and Grace; The Three Sisters of The Divine Feminine

 Every morning now, since December 16, 2006, I’ve been meeting and “dancing” with my Inner Beloved.  Eight years of committed loyalty to my One True Love – but who’s counting? 😉  I go to my mat in the early morning hours, arising often while it is still dark. In winter, I stumble in to my “inner sanctuary” (a room set aside) finding it warm already,

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