Shifting our perception through basic spiritual principles ….

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When we view the world through basic spiritual truths we shift from the victim mind to mental freedom. We become free thinkers; free of guilt, resentment and pain of any and every kind. Our minds are freed from the restricting and limiting thoughts that keep us imprisoned in the painful emotions that go along with victimhood.

There are only a few principles we need to remember and embrace towards allowing this shift to happen.
Here are the first two.

1. The world is a mirror. It’s job is to reflect our own minds to us, It does this by fleshing out every thought that has ever been believed by anyone. Every thought that has ever been thought is made concrete and visible on this earth plane reality.

2. Earth is the realm of concrete manifestation. To make thought manifest is the purpose of this plane of dense matter. We come here to create and experience our beliefs so we can experience them in physical form. This statement implies that everything we experience in our day to day lives will be a mirror image of some part of our own mind.

To Be Continued …..

3 Responses

  1. Thank you Lynne for the Advice.I have started Using the tools From Byron Katie’s Book and they have really helped me in discovering my fears and limiting believes about a lot of things.
    I only got started and already so much has come up as i mentioned before.I will check out for the Post.Thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing so honestly, Tracy.
    You describe well the agony we feel when we see the world through an “external orientation.” When we believe that our source for approval and acceptance can be found “out there” from somebody
    or thing outside ourselves and Source, emotional meltdowns are inevitable.

    It is the most painful thing in the world to base our feelings towards ourselves and life on getting our needs met from other imperfect people (or a job/children/success/money etc) simply because happiness cannot be found out there.

    As we say in the work, “happiness is an inside job!” Our happiness comes as a natural result of self-approval and acceptance based on a primary relationship with Universal Source.

    The outside world was not meant to supply validation and acceptance for us; it was meant to reflect to us the state of our relationship with ourselves and Source! This understanding is the difference between an “external” and an “internal” orientation.
    When we have painful beliefs that cause us not to like or accept ourselves, our external world can only reflect that, It cannot fix it!

    This is the secret to turning it all around! We look for what the world is reflecting to us about the way we see and feel about ourselves and then find the belief that is depriving us of joy and intervene on that! For instance, if I believe that I am worth less unless “they love me,” then I will again and again link up with people who reflect that I am unlovable and therefore worth less. Why? Because it is what I BELIEVE!

    I recommend that you read my blog entry about the difference between “internal” vs. “external” focus, entitled “Which do you choose for protection from fear” (to post May 26th, 2009) and then check out Byron Katie’s work as tools for finding and questioning the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from inner joy.

  3. I have been trying in the past few weeks analyzing why i feel the way i do.I realized that i have limiting beliefs with regards to the source of happiness.I have looked out to others to make me happy.I have this belief that the source of my happiness is derived from having this great relationship with other people.When they do withdraw,maybe because the relationship ends or we part ways,i feel empty and stuck.I try to bring back what was,or the potential of what the relationship would have become and it feels frustrating because people change and we all have to move on.It feels like chasing smoke,I never quite seem to catch it.
    I had an emotional breakdown the last time i was in a serious relationship,I felt lost,the pain was intense and my mind kept going through the experience over and over again.
    It brought up so much i have kept inside and i guess for the first time i had to face myself.I realized the problem was me and how i was looking at life and the only change i could make was with myself.
    My limiting thoughts and fear are my biggest problem.I noticed that I always look at things from a negative point of view and i have this great fear about the future and about not being THE SAME as everyone else.I judge everything based on whether i am keeping up with my friends and having the same experiences.My Mind does not recognize myself as an individual with a special path set for myself with a standard comfortable for me to achieve.
    I have read about changing my mind set and the way i look and observe the world and i feel myself struggling to train myself/mind to shift perceptive and have a different view..It almost feels like learning the alphabets all over again LOL..

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