Lynne is a Reality Guide & Personal Growth Mentor. Lynne was educated through a life time of studying and observing metaphysical life principles taught to her early in life, and learning how to apply those principles to her own life in positive ways. She has been sharing her findings with others and watching their lives transform since the seventies, and has supported herself and her family through a private practice, which was founded on those principles in 1985.

Lynne came up through the ranks of experiential learning rather than the more traditional academic route. She started out in the mental health field in the early seventies, hired and trained by an HMO (health maintenance organization) in social work and mental health. She has been in the field of personal growth ever since – moving to the addictions field in the early eighties, where she was one of the pioneers for co-dependency and family of origin work in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

As a perpetual student of life and consciousness, Lynne has devoted her career to studying with masters of various disciplines. Family dynamics, Jungian principles; dreams and shadow work, psychodrama and energy as well as the laws of manifestation, body oriented practices such as yoga, physical unwinding and qigong are just some of the approaches Lynne applies in her work with others.

Through her work with clients, Lynne has developed a unique understanding of how the mind works and ways to liberate it from the throes of what she calls the “victim mind.”

Lynne teaches that we react to life in one of two ways – we’re either reacting out of the victim mind or we see life through the eyes of the observer self which witnesses without judgment.

The victim mind is a state of consciousness that prompts us to react as if what we feel, believe or do is caused by something outside of us. We see ourselves as being at the mercy of our life circumstances.

The observer mind, on the other hand, understands that there is only one cause to our unhappiness – and that is what’s going on in our own mind.

What drives our mind are the thoughts we believe. Each of us operates from a set of core beliefs which create a life theme that generates the feelings which our behavior follows.

Lynne’s work is devoted to helping people find and clear the painful beliefs and ideas that have caused them distress through a process of accessing the Observer Self.

Lynne’s Personal Transformation

Utilizing the process she shares with others, Lynne transformed her own health and consciousness.

“On Dec. 16, 2006, I woke up to the fact that I was truly sick with chronic liver disease … I was in constant physical distress – unable to digest food well and was so fatigued I could hardly get through my day.

That morning I got up to pray and meditate and I asked for insight, relief, and healing. Suddenly, I saw clearly in my minds eye that what I needed had already been provided. The tools and resources I needed were already here. That morning, in 2006, I made a commitment to devote my life to living the metaphysical laws and guiding principles that I had studied and grown up with. The Inner Voice reminded me that the spiritual tools and resources I'd been gathering from teachers and a wide variety of training from all over the world, were essentially for my own healing. (“Physician, heal thyself.”) I started that morning.

Six months later, simply through a daily practice of aligning my outer interaction and way of seeing the world with my Inner Being, I had evolvdd into a different, kinder, more loving person towards my self and the world. My energy returned, my hearlth changed dramatically for the bettre. and I dropped the 40+ extra pounds I had accrued over the past twenty years. Most importantly my state of consciousness changed! Today, I continue my daily practice. It has been many years since I missed a daily check in with the Essential Essence that I am. As a result I am well, better than well, I thrive!”


Today, through individual sessions, groups and workshops of various kinds, Lynne guides others on their own personal growth journey. Lynne encourages clients to explore their own basic belief blueprint and move towards ways of liberating themselves, mentally and physically, from the painful concepts that have held them prisoner.

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