Melodrama or A Passionate Life?

I recently lis­tened to a friend vocal­ize protest against peo­ple she

described as being “so melo­dra­matic.” She said her stom­ach clenches whenever

she gets around peo­ple who are “into drama,” and then con­fided to me that

she had long ago decided not to live her life with dra­matic dis­play, but

with intro­spec­tive deco­rum instead.

I under­stand. I am a per­son who has been guilty of liv­ing my life “outloud”

in bold-colored drama more than once, and I’ve embar­rassed myself plenty

with it. So I get her point. Nonethe­less her com­ments prompted me to think

about the whole idea of defin­ing melo­drama in con­trast to a dra­matic life

expres­sion. Here are some of my mus­ings on the subject.

It seems to me that when we fully inhabit our Selves, (rather than liv­ing out

a lim­ited ver­sion or story of our­selves) we may indeed be said to live

dra­matic lives. When­ever we express our­selves with pas­sion, it might well

appear quite dra­matic. Whether we are liv­ing a life of melo­drama, or

a pas­sion­ately lived life may be dif­fi­cult to deter­mine from the outside

look­ing in because it is some­thing that is lived from the inside out.

We’re either watch­ing, mon­i­tor­ing, and stag­ing our affect on the world, i.e.,

How do I look? What will they think? How can I man­age their opin­ion of me?”

etc. — OR we are sim­ply expe­ri­enc­ing the mag­ni­tude of Life being poured

through us, and wit­ness­ing our­selves allow­ing that Life to fully express

Itself through us, with no thought of how dra­matic we might appear to others!

When dra­mat­i­cally liv­ing an authen­tic life expres­sion, there’s a good chance

that the thought of oth­ers see­ing us as melo­dra­matic doesn’t even occur

to us! We are sim­ply one with the Life being expressed through us.

What ulti­mately deter­mines the dif­fer­ence between a life of drama versus

a life dra­mat­i­cally expressed is the atti­tude behind the expres­sion, rather

than the form of expres­sion itself — or so it appears to me.

Live your life with the pas­sion of know­ing you are Source Energy being

poured out into the world in an end­less stream of wis­dom, bounty, and peace,

and enjoy your dra­matic life expres­sion as part of Life’s beauty.



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