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Lynne’s Work

I offer my pro­fes­sional ser­vices in a vari­ety of ways — through a diver­sity of work­shops and inten­sives at FOREST HAVEN, in one-on-one, cou­ple and pri­vate victim-free ses­sions at The Real Life Cen­ter and by phone for those who live far away. I offer guid­ance in any num­ber of areas, includ­ing the following:

  • Uncov­er­ing & releas­ing vic­tim pat­terns with self & in relationship
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­tion issues & prob­lem solving
  • Deal­ing with child­hood trauma & fam­ily dysfunction
  • Under­stand­ing & trans­form­ing neg­a­tive core beliefs
  • Han­dling dif­fi­cult life tran­si­tions (loss, divorce, job or geo­graphic relo­ca­tion etc)
  • Trans­form­ing addic­tions (alcohol/drugs/food/relationship, etc.)

I also have a base­line under­stand­ing of East­ern and West­ern Eso­teric thought, and offer guid­ance and train­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties in the fol­low­ing areas as well:

  • Guided Imagery and Jour­ney Work
  • Dreams: Under­stand­ing Sym­bol as the Lan­guage of the Psyche
  • Med­i­ta­tion Techniques
  • Improv­ing Health and Lifestyle (an inte­grated approach to deal­ing with life stress)
  • Explor­ing Spirituality
  • Body Dis­ci­plines such as yoga, and qigong

Men­tor­ing Ses­sions Offered:

Indi­vid­ual Men­tor­ing Ses­sion: One-On-One or by Phone

Group Men­tor­ing Session

Expe­ri­en­tial Sup­port Groups

Facil­i­ta­tor Train­ing Group

Work­shop Schedule

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