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Danielle Alvarez is the Direc­tor of Edu­ca­tion for The Real­ity For­mula for Kids™, a process designed by Lynne For­rest to help kids develop health­ier, hap­pier rela­tion­ships with them­selves and oth­ers. Danielle has been a stu­dent and edu­ca­tor of the Real­ity For­mula™ for three years, study­ing and prac­tic­ing this trans­for­ma­tive model in her own home with her two young chil­dren. She gives credit to this approach for chang­ing her life and bring­ing a degree of peace and san­ity to her day to day inter­ac­tion with her chil­dren, Sawyer (10) and Reese (6), that has been unlike any­thing she has seen or expe­ri­enced before. Her pas­sion­ate desire to share this for­mula with other par­ents, edu­ca­tors, and coun­selors every­where stems from the tremen­dous suc­cess she has wit­nessed in her own fam­ily, as well as in the lives of many fam­i­lies around her who have been intro­duced to this pow­er­fully trans­for­ma­tional process.

Danielle is a cer­ti­fied Karma Kids Yoga instruc­tor and the founder of Bright Kids Yoga™, an after school yoga pro­gram for chil­dren in grades Pre-K through 5th grade. She uses The Happy Kid Toolkit™ (an inter­ac­tive tool that is part of the Real­ity For­mula for Kids™) dur­ing her yoga classes for con­flict res­o­lu­tion and for edu­cat­ing chil­dren to be able to rec­og­nize their own Blam­ing Bully/Bossy Helper/Helpless Baby behav­ior, and to find health­ier ways of inter­act­ing with others.

The Real­ity For­mula for Kids™ pro­vides par­ents and edu­ca­tors a way to con­front chil­dren with bul­ly­ing and dis­rup­tive behav­ior that does not resort to blam­ing or sham­ing the child. When chil­dren feel safe, rather than put-down for their behav­ior, they are more open to feed­back from their car­ing providers about health­ier, more accept­able behav­ioral choices. The Happy Kid Toolkit™ pro­vides a sim­ple, straight-forward expla­na­tion to chil­dren (and adults alike) about the basic dynam­ics of all dys­func­tional behav­ior. Chil­dren learn, for instance, that all human beings move on and off the Unhappy Kid Tri­an­gle™ all day long, every day, and that all bul­lies end up get­ting bul­lied, and that even help­less babies can bully. This infor­ma­tion helps take the sting out of own­ing bully behav­ior for kids who oth­er­wise tend to feel the need to deny, or to defend, their hurt­ful behav­ior towards others.

Danielle has much expe­ri­ence in pro­vid­ing a safe, lov­ing, shame-free, blame-free envi­ron­ment, using the Real­ity For­mula for Kids™ to teach her stu­dents how to become Happy ‘Con­scious’ Kids that know how to coöper­ate with Real­ity and how to take respon­si­bil­ity for themselves.

As a ‘Happy Fam­ily Coach and pri­mary edu­ca­tor for The Real­ity For­mula for Kids™, Danielle offers fam­i­lies who are strug­gling with com­mu­ni­ca­tion issues and chal­leng­ing sit­u­a­tions the oppor­tu­nity to iden­tify how they are play­ing out their dys­func­tional fam­ily dynam­ics on the Unhappy Kid Tri­an­gle™, and to learn more effec­tive tools for suc­cess­fully mov­ing off.

Real­ity For­mula Train­ing™ ses­sions using The Happy Kid Toolkit™ are one-hour train­ing ses­sions that address the fol­low­ing challenges:

  • Fam­ily Dys­func­tion (fam­ily dynam­ics on the Unhappy Kid Triangle™)
  • Bul­ly­ing Issues
  • Power Strug­gles with Teens
  • Sib­ling Rivalry
  • Deal­ing with Chil­dren who play Help­less Baby™
  • Par­ent­ing Out of Con­trol Children
  • And much more…

One-hour Indi­vid­ual Training/Coaching Rate: $75

One-hour Fam­ily Training/Coaching: $95

For more infor­ma­tion and or to sched­ule a Real­ity For­mula train­ing ses­sion for your fam­ily or your teen, pre-teen or youth, please con­tact Danielle Alvarez at 423−544−9890 or danielle@lynneforrest.com

Danielle’s sees clients at The Real Life Cen­ter located at 110 Wood­land Avenue, Chat­tanooga, Ten­nessee 37405. Phone, Face­Time and Skype ses­sions are also available.

I highly rec­om­mend Danielle as a fam­ily edu­ca­tor for your fam­ily. Not only does she know The Real­ity For­mula back­wards and for­wards, she has an intu­itive, as well as per­sonal, under­stand­ing of its appli­ca­tion that will fur­ther your family’s growth and empa­thy for one another. Every fam­ily, no mat­ter how healthy or dys­func­tional, could ben­e­fit from this process of dis­cov­er­ing how the Bully Tri­an­gle gets played out in their home (because, trust me, it does ;)) and learn­ing how to move past it into greater respect and kind­ness for them­selves and other fam­ily mem­bers. I trust Danielle’s guid­ance in demon­strat­ing the power of The Real­ity for­mula to your fam­ily. Why not give your fam­ily these tools for achiev­ing enhanced com­mu­ni­ca­tion and har­mo­nious inter­ac­tion today?

- Lynne For­rest, Founder of the Real­ity Formula

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