The Story of A Face; Part Two

The Man's Greatest Friend
Creative Commons License photo credit: Olgierd Pstrykotwórca

I shared with you a cou­ple of weeks ago about an expe­ri­ence I had while study­ing a photo of myself and notic­ing the stark con­trast between the right and left side of my face. (The Story of A Face; Part One)

A few days after I blogged about my photo expe­ri­ence, my hus­band, Daniel shared some help­ful infor­ma­tion with me that helped me to under­stand that facial con­trast even more. Daniel had watched a doc­u­men­tary on TV about the fas­ci­nat­ing way dogs read the human face. From the doc­u­men­tary he learned that in order to read a humans inten­tions a dog scans the right side of the face (which is to their left look­ing straight on). He told me that research with dogs has shown that dogs have a left gaze bias.

As it turns out, humans do too.

Researchers have shown that humans flicker their eyes towards the left when look­ing at a per­son oppo­site of them. They do this to read the emo­tions on the right side of the face. The right side of the face shows more emo­tions than the left, as it is steered by the more emo­tional left side of the brain. This reac­tion is called the left gaze bias.

The right side of the face shows the cur­rent emo­tional sta­tus on the human face! It is the side of the face that reflects the emo­tion being gen­er­ated by the thoughts we think.

So that explains the dif­fer­ence in the two sides of my face! The right side of my face (and yours too) reflects the sto­ries we are cur­rently telling our­self! Wow — maybe this is how some seem to be able to read minds! :)

We are such fas­ci­nat­ing creatures!

Bless­ings, Lynne

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