If you were a thought of God’s … what kind of thought would you be?

Dur­ing my morn­ing cen­ter­ing & alone time, I found myself trav­el­ing down an unfa­mil­iar thought path — con­tem­plat­ing thoughts that I do not remem­ber think­ing before. It started as I was pon­der­ing on the ancient teach­ing that all the Uni­verse, the whole Cos­mos, and every­thing in it, is hap­pen­ing right Now in the One Mind […]

How The Illusion Of Time Separates Us From Now

In my morn­ing quiet­ness, I had a ‘wak­ing dream’ — or would you call it vision? — that I thought some of you might appre­ci­ate. At first I saw streams of light energy com­ing from my mind in scat­tered pat­terns, they were beau­ti­ful but undi­rected; unfo­cused would be a good word to describe them … […]

The price of surrender …

This morn­ing I crawled to my morn­ing prac­tice in front of my altar steeped in self-recrimination. I had become acutely aware of my own painful stand-off against Source. I was see­ing vividly my own state of resis­tance, and knew I was being held pris­oner by my own unwill­ing­ness to sur­ren­der. I real­ized that my addiction […]

Grandparents as Mentors & Guides — A Forgotten Resource?

Before you read fur­ther: This let­ter, though a per­sonal one writ­ten to my grand­son, may also be rel­e­vant to you, or your fam­ily. I share it here for two rea­sons, one, I post this let­ter here as a way to invite my grand­son with­out apply­ing any well-intentioned pres­sure on him to go along just because […]

What’s this headlong rush for enlightenment all about anyway?

It’s never too late for an inner awak­en­ing … but when you really think about it … what’s the hurry, scurry for enlight­en­ment that so many of us seem to feel? It’s as if we think we’re sup­posed to get it for our­selves — or like we’re fail­ures if we don’t “get it.” It seems […]