Let Me Support Your Process, In Exchange For a Photo!


It does my heart good when peo­ple come into the office tot­ing their dog-eared copy of my book. I love see­ing these intensely used copies that are full of under­lined pas­sages, and high-lighted copy, with copi­ous notes writ­ten in the mar­gins; noth­ing could bring a greater sense of sat­is­fac­tion to an author, per­haps, (or at […]

Alignment, Surrender, and Grace; The Three Sisters of The Divine Feminine

Every morn­ing now, since Decem­ber 16, 2006, I’ve been meet­ing and “danc­ing” with my Inner Beloved. Eight years of com­mit­ted loy­alty to my One True Love. I go to my mat in the early morn­ing hours, aris­ing often while it is still dark, and in the win­ter, I make my way to my “inner sanctuary” […]

Rescuing “Professional” Victims Makes Matters Worse!

Res­cu­ing those who play vic­tim as their pri­mary mode of sur­vival not only pro­motes a vic­tim lifestyle, but may in fact be a major con­trib­u­tor to it.I am NOT say­ing we should not help oth­ers.How­ever, to truly help some­one there must be reci­procity.Humans need to feel use­ful and capa­ble in order tode­velop the self-esteem needed […]

Fighting Addiction … does it really work?

Resist­ing our addic­tions does not help us elim­i­nate them. Let’s use the exam­ple of smok­ing. When we think of our­selves as addicted to smok­ing, who do we become? Remem­ber when we believe it, we auto­mat­i­cally feel and act is if it’s true … So it fol­lows course then, that if we believe we’re an addict, […]

Going Down Into Our Innermost Darkness … For Consciousness Sake

I went down into the dark­ness for two whole days recently. It was a VERY dark time emo­tion­ally … I felt angry and hope­lessly exhausted with no end in sight. I had spi­raled into old famil­iar ter­ri­tory, into the “I’m never going to real­ize the rewards of my hard efforts” story that has been with […]