Changing Focus from Bigger and Better to Going Small Instead…

Recently my inner process brought me around to see­ing my work in a more con­cen­trated way. I was look­ing for ways to make the ser­vices I offer more per­sonal, more inti­mate … in other words, I’ve been think­ing in terms of “going small” rather than invest­ing in ways to appeal to more and more people. […]

But if I don’t do it, then who will?”

For years I tum­bled through life, going at break­neck speed, try­ing to do at once all the things on my list that one must accom­plish in the role of wife AND mother AND career woman, etc. etc… I was always bang­ing myself up in my fren­zied move­ments from chore to chore, and never made the […]

The Reality Formula™ at Forest Haven


Imag­ine liv­ing with our fam­ily for a week­end … Can you see your­self sit­ting with us over garden-fresh meals, or shar­ing a walk in the gar­den with me? Can you see your­self sit­ting in the midst of a small, inti­mate group of like-minded friends, together absorb­ing the Guid­ing Prin­ci­ples of Real­ity© as you wit­ness them […]

Unwinding Body Beliefs: Releasing Painful Patterns in the Body

It’s TIME to Free your Body AND your mind at For­est Haven! We eagerly await your arrival for this upcom­ing, life-changing venue that will take you places in your own psy­che and body you never dreamed pos­si­ble! If you are seri­ous about life change, this work is for YOU! We all carry our lim­it­ing beliefs […]

Liberating Ourselves From Beliefs in the Body

Through my daily prac­tice I have learned how to enjoy an inner state of align­ment and sur­ren­der which allows moments of Grace, an inner state of real­iza­tion that allows us to know that we are indeed stand­ing in the Love and for­giv­ing mercy of Source. We dance with the Inner Beloved. I have not known […]