Unwinding Body Beliefs: Releasing Painful Patterns in the Body

It’s TIME to Free your Body AND your mind at For­est Haven! We eagerly await your arrival for this upcom­ing, life-changing venue that will take you places in your own psy­che and body you never dreamed pos­si­ble! If you are seri­ous about life change, this work is for YOU! We all carry our lim­it­ing beliefs […]

Liberating Ourselves From Beliefs in the Body

Through my daily prac­tice I have learned how to enjoy an inner state of align­ment and sur­ren­der which allows moments of Grace, an inner state of real­iza­tion that allows us to know that we are indeed stand­ing in the Love and for­giv­ing mercy of Source. We dance with the Inner Beloved. I have not known […]

The Stages of Maturity On The Reality Diamond©

We are all born as help­less babies. Every sin­gle one of us is lit­er­ally at the mercy of those grownups into whose care we’ve been deliv­ered … That is sim­ple Real­ity. But how long do we hang onto that per­cep­tion of our­selves? That is the real ques­tion. I often say that there are no grownups […]

Refining Consciousness On The Victim Triangle: The Reality Diamond

The Real­ity Dia­mondWe can­not get rid of the vic­tim tri­an­gle: it is where we auto­mat­i­cally go when­ever we blame. The three roles or posi­tions we move through in vic­tim con­scious­ness pretty much cov­ers our present men­tal range of expres­sion. And all three blame. These roles rep­re­sent the ‘nat­ural’ con­scious­ness on our planet; as humans, it […]

When is enough enough? How to be kind and still draw the line …

On the path to peace, we encounter the strug­gle for bal­ance between being con­sciously kind and lov­ing and tol­er­at­ing the intol­er­a­ble. The Guid­ing Prin­ci­ples of Real­ity teach us that Love is the answer … that there is a gift in every sin­gle encounter, includ­ing the most painful ones. The prin­ci­ples empha­size that we must give […]