The Mind As Remedy …

The miss­ing link in West­ern med­i­cine might well be the fail­ure to rec­og­nize the mind’s abil­ity to heal the body … Build­ing men­tal immu­nity is vital to good health. The Real­ity For­mula builds men­tal immu­nity that helps free us from Life’s Lim­it­ing Belief-Based Con­di­tions! When a doc­tor gives a patient a prog­no­sis based on worse […]

Fighting Addiction … does it really work?

Resist­ing our addic­tions does not help us elim­i­nate them. Let’s use the exam­ple of smok­ing. When we think of our­selves as addicted to smok­ing, who do we become? Remem­ber when we believe it, we auto­mat­i­cally feel and act is if it’s true … So it fol­lows course then, that if we believe we’re an addict, […]

Moving Past Stuckness …

We hear about expand­ing con­scious­ness. We want it but HOW do we get it? That seems to be the big ques­tion. The first thing to do on this jour­ney to a more con­scious Self is to bring con­scious­ness to the life you’re hav­ing now. After all, can you be in any other life than this […]

The Body Reflects Our Beliefs


The mind rules the body. Through my work, I have come to see just how true those words are. What we believe deter­mines not only our health, but the phys­i­cal stance and pos­ture we assume, and that phys­i­cal­ity becomes the way we com­mu­ni­cate to oth­ers about who we are and what we believe. Our body […]

The Importance of “Feeling our Feelings …”

I do under­stand the impor­tance of “feel­ing our feel­ings” in the process of emo­tional heal­ing. I DO value the part of the process that rec­og­nizes and releases emo­tion; feel­ings are ener­getic impulses that act like mes­sen­gers whose job is to report to us the state of our cur­rent vibra­tional fre­quency, and to show us the […]