Is My Message Anti-Christian? (part three)

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In my last post, which was part two in this series of describ­ing my faith jour­ney, I briefly described how my ado­les­cent rebel­lion, which included exper­i­men­ta­tion with drugs, and a highly adven­tur­ous lifestyle, were all part of find­ing my way back to God. I men­tioned that my father was the one who pointed me to the twelve steps and recov­ery through his own modeling.

Once I was in recov­ery from addic­tion, my inter­est (means to pur­sue it) turned to travel and the desire to explore other cul­tures and extract from such trav­els, vivid glimpses into the way they under­stand life and Source. I did indeed learn much from my trav­els to India and Tibet, Peru and other Euro­pean cul­tures too, and through them I found great tools, and resources, that I con­tinue to use every day in my own daily con­nec­tion with Source. I have found ways to inte­grate ancient tools gath­ered in my stud­ies and trav­els with my daily prac­tice of align­ment and con­nec­tion with Source, as well as in my intensely per­sonal rela­tion­ship with Christ.

Some of my Chris­t­ian friends over the years have voiced con­cern that such study and trav­els were signs that I’d lost my way. I see it quite the oppo­site. I feel that every step of my jour­ney has been pur­pose­ful towards bring­ing me where I am today on my faith walk. My jour­ney has led me, not away from, but more deeply into, an intensely per­sonal rela­tion­ship with Christ.Holy Mary Vector Image

Over thirty years ago, dur­ing a time of prac­tic­ing a form of sit­ting med­i­ta­tion reg­u­larly, I noticed the accom­pa­ny­ing, quiet, inner pres­ence of a teacher. I would become aware of his vis­i­ble pres­ence in my mind, dressed in blue robes with long hair, very much like tra­di­tional pic­tures depict Jesus, although for some rea­son, the thought that it was Jesus did not occur to me then. I asked inwardly once, on becom­ing aware of this teach­ers peace-radiating pres­ence, what I should call him, and I heard, in response, “Sim­ply call me Master.”

Over the years, I heard that famil­iar voice of the Mas­ter many times; finally some years back, I again asked that inner Pres­ence, “who are you?” and received the imme­di­ate response that the one I’d been call­ing Mas­ter, was indeed Jesus, the Christ. I wept with the joy of dis­cov­ery, and sur­ren­dered to Him in a way I’d never before con­sid­ered pos­si­ble that morn­ing on the floor in the mid­dle of my yoga practice.

I think now about hav­ing read some years ago where Thich Nhat Than told an Amer­i­can seeker, who was ask­ing if he should pur­sue Bud­dhism, that he should in fact go back to his own spir­i­tual roots to find the prac­tice best suited for him: sort of the“bloom where you are planted” idea. And I real­ized that was in effect what I’d done. I had returned to my roots, even though until some ten years ago, I’d never even stud­ied my own culture’s spir­i­tual book, the Bible! I made up my mind to rem­edy that. Shortly there­after, Daniel, my hus­band walked into my life.

I’ll tell you about more about that part of my faith walk next time.

Bless­ings, Lynne


  1. Nancy says

    Your faith walk blogs stuck my heart in ways I did not expect. I have fol­lowed friends’ jour­ney with you from afar and made wrong­full assump­tions about you and your work. How sur­prised I was to find how my own jour­ney seems to be bring­ing me to des­ti­na­tions sim­i­lar to yours. I am even med­i­tat­ing. Per­haps I will finally learn to find that place where I can feel God and feel his love for me; in turn I may finally learn to love the way I was formed. Your writ­ings have blessed me.

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