The Three Faces of Victim — An Overview of the Drama Triangle

The Drama Triangle

By Lynne For­rest Whether we know it, or not, most of us react to life as vic­tims. When­ever we refuse to take respon­si­bil­ity for our­selves, we are uncon­sciously choos­ing to react as vic­tim. This inevitably cre­ates feel­ings of anger, fear, guilt or inad­e­quacy and leaves us feel­ing betrayed, or taken advan­tage of by oth­ers. Victim-hood […]

Building New Neural Pathways to Peace with Reality Formula™

The Real­ity For­mula™ WE THINK IT. WE BELIEVE IT. WE FEEL IT. WE ACT IT. WE PROVE IT TO OURSELVES AND OTHERS. The Real­ity For­mula™ is a for­mula that describes what all human minds do. Believ­ing the thoughts we think is what human do. We think a thought and auto­mat­i­cally pre­sume that it is true, […]

Why My Own Reality Formula™ Will Not Work For You!

(A hard-hitting sum­mary, writ­ten by Jesse Rob­bins, Cre­ator of, that tells us like it is about why prin­ci­ples of Truth — no mat­ter how well writ­ten, expressed, or pre­sented — are dif­fi­cult, if not impos­si­ble, to assim­i­late. A must read for those who are seri­ous about per­sonal trans­for­ma­tion! Lynne) Any good work­shop, book, or […]

The Mind As Remedy …

The miss­ing link in West­ern med­i­cine might well be the fail­ure to rec­og­nize the mind’s abil­ity to heal the body … Build­ing men­tal immu­nity is vital to good health. The Real­ity For­mula builds men­tal immu­nity that helps free us from Life’s Lim­it­ing Belief-Based Con­di­tions! When a doc­tor gives a patient a prog­no­sis based on worse […]

What If We Are Addicts Of Our Own Body’s Chemistry? Now What?

It’s true — we are actu­ally addicted to our own inter­nal chem­i­cals! It’s our neo­cor­tex, the front brain, where our thoughts are thought. From there they send elec­tri­cal impulses to the Lim­bic or mid-brain, where they are trans­lated into feel­ings that moti­vate our behav­ior and reac­tions. In other words our feel­ings and reac­tions come from […]

NeuroCue Presents Reality Formula: Stepping Stones to Peace

Neu­roCue is a phone appli­ca­tion that helps you build new neural path­ways! It was Neu­roCue™, and Jesse Rob­bins, that intro­duced me to neu­ro­science. Neu­roCue™ uses the lat­est find­ings in neu­ro­plas­tic­ity and neu­ro­science to sup­port build­ing new neural path­ways to peace. Click here to learn more and DOWNLOAD it now… Jesse uses lead­ing edge tech­nol­ogy in […]